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My name is Lisa Holland (insert warning) I am not a professional Chef!
I am a foodie. I have a full time job (that has nothing to do with cooking) but my passion is FOOD. Currently, baked goods are my target. I have started a home based business making and selling cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc. Florida is such a wonderful state to allow entrepreneurs to start this kind of business under the “Cottage Law.”

It started with a simple black bean brownie. Yes you read correctly, a no flour, no refined sugar version of everyone’s favorite with BEANS! I got the recipe from Ania Catalano’s “Baking with Agave Nectar” cook book. I got this book three years ago, the pages are splattered with agave and smeared with black beans but it is still my favorite go to recipe when I want to make a unique treat. I started using my running group Personal Running Solutions as my taste testers. I would bring black bean brownies, chocolate zucchini muffins or coconut chocolate chip bars for everyone to try after our Saturday long runs or to my groups running clinic. I got such a positive response that I began to toy around with the idea that I could do the thing that I love….and be profitable. Whew! Talk about anxiety! I am a pretty conservative structured gal; this would be putting myself out there! Leaving certain important things to chance! Deep breath, glass of wine….I believe I can do this!

What I would like to do here on this website is share my love of food and my love for cooking. On my favorite day I am cooking a new meal or yummy something for the very first time. I love to take a recipe or even one of my cravings and figure out how to make it a healthier version. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment.I have had successes and failures, for instance, I wanted to make a healthy version of Starbucks’ cinnamon coffee cake… that I could eat a lot of it without gaining 20 pounds. I tried four times!!!! By the way, did I mention that my husband is the ultimate taste tester and even though my four cinnamon coffee cakes tasted nothing like the original he still ate all four and loved them.

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